we are planning a weekend trip to Cozumel in dec 5-8.  the cost is $901 for all including airfare and food and diving.  this can be a checkout . please get your reservation in early as space is limited.

guppy gulch opens sept 20

the gulch will open for the fall spring season on sept 20.  the rat e is still same as last year and we are open from 8am til 5pm,sat and sun.  hope to see you there.

scuba diving

scuba diving at guppy gulch will no longer be done after june 15, 2014.  we will reopen for diving in sept 2014.  thank you for your support in the past.

guppy Gulch

With the weather as it is we are going to open this year march 22nd if the weather and ice cooperate.

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